Coach Jeff Sanders


As a middle school coach, there are several common questions I get from parents on a regular basis: 1. How can I help my child prepare for middle school athletics? 2. How can I help my child be more successful in athletics? 3. How can I help my child get more playing time? 4. How can I help my child eat healthier? 5. How can I help my child work harder at their sports? 

Sound familiar? There is no mistake that parents want what is best for their child and sometimes don’t know how to help. The answer…Proper training and development from coaches that know how to train. There is a difference between playing a sport and training!! Any successful athletic program has to start with great training as early as possible to help children develop healthy habits that will help them to be successful. 

I believe there are 4 areas that need to be trained at all times to help anyone be successful: 

  1. Spiritual – heart…purpose of why you are training 
  2. Mental – psychological preparation and studying the game 
  3. Physical – exercise, stretching, and nutrition 
  4. Social – teamwork, learning your role, balance in life 

Please check out Jason Williams at the Fitness School in NW Austin, for great coaches to help your child develop and receive the best athletic training possible.