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The Fitness School’s After School Enrichment curriculum converts time after school into productive, health-promoting activity. Designed to address, promote, and enhance our kid’s fitness, health, and wellness experiences, our program is based on the building blocks of fitness introducing all children regardless of age, competency level, or current fitness level to a meaningful regime of fitness building skills that will last a lifetime! Through our FitPods™, we deliver innovative fitness solutions on campus, after school, at work, and throughout the community.

The Fitness School: After-School Enrichment

FitKid’s between 2nd and 8th grades will focus on the building blocks of fitness, but will also include:
– Goal setting
– Accountability
– Flexibility
– Cardiovascular Endurance
– Balance
– Strength Training 6 Week Assessments
– Measuring progress towards goals

Complying with current city COVID-19 policies:

– Self-screening at home, including temperature and/or symptom checks using CDC guidelines

– All FitKids are required to bring face coverings (just in case)

– Physical distancing by Coaches & FitKids within 6ft

– Mandatory temperature checks using infrared thermometers

– Frequent handwashing/sanitizing


WHO: Students from 2nd – 12th Grade

DAYS: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

WHERE: The Fitness School “FitPod” at Summitt Elementary

PARENT PICK-UP: 5:30 pm at Summitt Elementary – 12207 Brigadoon Ln, Austin, TX 78727

AFTER-SCHOOL PICK-UP TIME: Hill pick up – 3 pm / Murchison pick up – 3:41 pm

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